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Windsurfer LT

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The new Windsurfer LT is a brand new board based on the original design. The board has been updated to a new light weight construction with more width and volume. It has a smooth rocker line and excellent speed in low winds.

The brand that started a movement has returned!  The original windsurfer is back with a new take on the board that made us all fall in love.

The Windsurfer LT
Length:  12 feet
Weight:  15 kilograms
Volume:  229 liters
Width:  73.9 centimeters

The creation of the Windsurfer LT has been supervised by former Olympic windsurfer Bruce Wylie, and by the Windsurfer Class Association.

The new windsurf board has been specifically designed to meet the needs of beginner and advanced sailors. It can be used for racing, freestyle, and even as a SUP board.