VAMO UV Board Cover 9'-10'6"

$ 79.99

Brand Vamo

The VAMO UV board cover keeps your board cool and scratch free. 

Protection from heat and UV rays - Never doubt the power of our sun. Leave your board in the sun to bake and that beautiful board of yours will sizzle like unprotected skin.  The VAMO UV cover is made with UV protectant fabric designed to keep your board 30 degrees cooler when sitting in direct sunlight. In direct sunlight the dark colors on your board can reach uprights of 150 degrees, which is well past the epoxy and EPS melt rate of 130 degrees. Prolonged heat exposure will lead to delimitation, oxidization, melting epoxy, or seam leaks on inflatables. That's the long way of saying, let VAMO soak up the suns harmful rays not your beautiful board.

Breathable - The breathability of the UV fabric lets you put a wet board on top of your car free from worry about water migration transfer that can happen when stored in an enclosed board bag with steamy hot water. Keep your board light and breathing even in high heat conditions. 

Durable, long lasting - The VAMO UV Cover utilizes UV protectant fabric that conforms to the shape of your board. With double stitched and bonded bungee closure you can simply slip the cover on and off your board to protect from minor scratches and the powerful UV rays of the sun.

Easy to use / Travel safe - The 4-Way stretch fits virtually any board. Whether you have a displacement hull or surf shape, the VAMO UV cover conform to the nose of your board and stays snug during transportation. The double stitched enclosure around the 360 degree bungee makes for a custom fit that slips on in seconds. Fin slot allows you to save time by leaving the fin in your board. Double lined nose and tail add durability and increase padding for protection from any bumps along the way from your garage to the water.