Vamo Explorer Carbon-Fiberglass Bamboo

$ 224.95

Brand VAMO


Never Slip Flip Lock: The flip lock is the most easy form of adjusting your paddle height. Simply flip the lock out to disengage the lock. Adjust your paddle to the appropriate height, and flip it closed. We always recommend tightening the screws with the clasp closed to avoid from over tightening your paddle.

Never Twist V-Groove:This was developed by lovers of fixed paddles who couldn't stand taking diggers on adjustable paddles when the inexplicably rotated 90 degrees under your power.  It sounds so simple but if you haven't paddled with a Never Slip V Groove then you don't know what you are missing. It never twists...ever. 

Never Dings: That really cool VAMO Green highlight on the edge of your paddle may look like a design feature but the function is much more important. It is an ABS Soft plastic edge designed to take all of the hard smacks where your paddle meets the board and transfer the impact through the softer edge and not cut into your board. 

Never Slip: The shaft has a spiraled texture designed for grip tight when hands are dry or wet. It's built in so it never goes away. Next time you get a black eye from a slip fumble slick shaft you will know where to come. 

Always Covered:  We have a lifetime guarantee on all of our product. The term of life does not apply to the owners lifetime however. We are talking about the life of the product. Every product has a lifecycle. If you paddle every day for three years straight eventually your paddle shaft will not have the same rigidity it once had. This means it will be time to replace your paddle with a new model. If however there is a defect in the product we will replace your product free of charge.