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Hippostick Traveler

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Brand Hippostick

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The Traveler is a 3-piece adjustable paddle that incorporates the AL 8.0 blade with the EXP construction (carbon fiber and fiberglass composite). Now your beloved Hippostick can go anywhere you do without the hassle of lugging around a full-length paddle. The paddle adjusts from a paddler’s height of 4ft6in to 6ft tall and the longest piece of the paddle being only 30”. The Traveler has the most durable hardware and best materials available and can withstand anything the road throws at you.

Cylindrically Shape and carbon fiber properties allow for the paddle to have anisotropic properties (Strength in all directions)

Construction Process (Exp)
Layered sheets of High grade fiber glass and Carbon pressed in a mold. Each Layer is strategically aligned to optimize strength and stiffness