Hippostick Orca

$ 499.00

Brand Hippostick

The ORCA- Paddle is designed to help a paddler accelerate their board quickly and efficiently.  This incredible blade produces the best catch in the Hippostick sup family, yet still is forgiving and light during the power phase.  By engineering the outline of the blade, to work with the thickness, curve, and blade angle, we were able to achieve a unique balance in the blade that allows for a solid catch and a clean, natural, exit.  

Most blades with a catch this strong would also have a heavy power phase [pull], that would punish the paddlers body.  However, in the ORCA- we were able to design the paddle to catch at the perfect location, allowing the paddlers natural follow through to release the paddle easily and efficiently.  This allows the paddle to be both explosive when powering up and smooth when settling to a normal pace.  

Ideal for sprint racing, sup surfing, downwind, anywhere you need a short acceleration.  Perfect for Paddlers who like to go Fast Often!