Hippostick AL Pro

$ 430.00

Brand Hippostick

Shaft Construction (Pro)
Full Matte Homogeneous Carbon High Weave Epoxy 

Cylindrically Shape and carbon fiber properties allow for the paddle to have anisotropic properties (Strength in all directions)


Construction Process (Pro)

Layered sheets of High grade carbon fiber pressed in a mold. Each Layer is strategically aligned to optimize strength and stiffness.

Blade design
Features the Optimal 1/4" Curve for more user friendly catch.
Optimal 10 degree bend from Blade to Shaft incorporated in Blade mold to adjust for added strength at joints. Allows for greater reach. Low shoulder profile, precisely tapered edges and strategically placed thickness additions were developed over AL Ching's 40 plus years of paddling, coaching, and designing paddles.