Heat Factory Toe Warmers

$ 3.00

Brand East Of Maui Board Shop

Heat Factory Toe Warmers are designed to heat in the restricted air environment of a shoe or boot for up to 6 hours. The half moon shaped Toe Warmer adheres to the bottom of your sock for comfortable warmth. Ideal for daily use in shoes, ski boots, or whenever toes are cold. Not intended for use in open air.

  • The Toe warmer pouch is made of soft cloth lined with a very thin layer of porous plastic for maximum durability
  • Peel back the adhesive backing and press warmer to outside of sock underneath toes
  • The warmers are odorless, non-toxic and air-activated
  • When exposed to air, a natural exothermic reaction generates consistent and prolonged heat
  • Keeps toes warm for 6+ Hours