Hank Sauce Heat

$ 6.99

Brand Hank Sauce

You might ask yourself why in the heck is East of Maui selling hot sauce? The short version of a long story is; one of our former employees and his friends make it,  we like the idea of surfers making a living, and it is really good! Why is it on this page? We really didn't know where else to put it!

Hank’s Heat is a specialty sauce that Hank uses when he feels the need for a little extra heat. Use Hank’s Heat to spice up your favorite foods while adding excellent flavor as well . Stop using overheated pepper sauces that mask the flavor of your food and enjoy this unique flavorful blend. The extremely smooth flavor heats up shortly after consumption, creating a wild and exciting ride for the taste buds. Fresh minced cayenne and habanero peppers add a distinct flavor and heat as well. Add it to Chinese food or curry, Hank’s Heat is the perfect sauce for those extra spicy foreign dishes.

Ingredients- Cayenne pepper, Habanero pepper, Garlic, Vingegar, Basil, Salt, Xanthan Gum