Freestyle Shark Watches

$ 65.00

Brand Freestyle

East of Maui has been helping our customers have more fun since 1979. Freestyle Shark watches are all about fun! The essence of Freestyle is embodied in the youthful freedom found at the nexus of surf, sun and fun. This colorful, creative and irreverent intersection of California Beach Culture and Ocean Performance yielded Freestyle Watches - an enduring and iconic brand of water-resistant timepieces epitomized by the Shark Watch. 

Amplified like a music festival, calculated like the tide, and fun like a day at the beach, Freestyle is the world's original and most trusted watersports watch. Welcome to our ocean, put your phone in a safe place, and dive in.

Our inventory changes on a daily basis, so give us a call, and we can let you know what we have. If we have one you like, we will ship it right out to you.