Ezzy Sails Cheetah

$ 686.15

Brand Ezzy

The Cheetah is a ripping camless Freeride model that balances excellent performance and speed with the absolute best construction of any sail in its class.

  • High performance freeride sail that sails like a cammed sail and jibes like a wave sail.
  • Profiled panels produces a molded shape that locks the draft in the sail.
  • Bullet-proof construction. No monofilm.
  • Hi tech materials like Technora and Spectra® reduce stretching and provide years of durability.
  • Color fusion cloth makes every Cheetah look unique. No two sails are the same.
  • Calibrated rigging system guarantees the Cheetah is rigged to David Ezzy's exact specifications.
  • Every Cheetah is rigged and thoroughly inspected in the factory before shipping.