404 V3 14′-0″ RACE PVC

$ 2,249.00

Brand 404

First it was the Monster in 2010. Then it was the Zeedonk in 2012. In 2016 it is the V3. The V3 is the best of all worlds.

The V3 has taken the fastest aspects of both the Monster and Zeedonk, incorporating 404’s square rails, a new nose designed to glide above the water, a square tail, and a recessed deck. It is designed to have have the maximum amount of stability without sacrificing speed or glide. The V3 works in all conditions.

Built in FCS Handle with Self Regulating Air Vent
FCS molded SUP Traction
FCS SUP Series Touring 9.0 Fin
Board Construction
+ 75 lb EPS Foam
+ 3mm PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) top and bottom