404 14' Jump

$ 3,499.00

Brand 404

Board avail for Special order. 

From 404:

Our goal was to increase both top end speed  and efficiency . But, doing both is notoriously difficult– as there is often a clear tradeoff between Speed and efficiency.  We started by imaging two skis as a stable platform to stand on.  We then kept a straight flat center line for maximum waterline, and added the rocker throughout the rails to accommodate for waves and moderate ocean conditions.  Last we dropped the deck for added stability and a center concave under the standing area resulting in a truly unique riding experience.  More Top End Speed, Better Average Speeds, and More Stability all with less effort.  Experience the difference the 404 Jump Race board has to offer.

14 x 22" 258V

14x23.5" 279V

14x25" 292V